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Fully Welded Heat Exchanger:
The fully welded plate heat exchanger is a new-concept type. It looks like gasket and frame plate heat exchanger to be with advantages of general plate heat exchanger (efficient heat transfer and compact construction) and shell and tube heat exchanger (suitable for high temperature and pressure). With internal countercurrent, it can achieve the terminal temperature difference which can not meet by other full welded heat exchanger. Its cover board could be easily open for clean. And the liquid shear stress appear in passage is obvious higher than other welded plate heat exchanger. At the same time, its special flow design enables it can to used as efficient condenser.

Advantages of Fully Welded Heat Exchanger:
1. CIP cleaning for plate
2. Laser welding for plate, no gasket
3. High hear transfer efficiency with almost all plate surface for heat exchanging
4. Small floor area, be equal to gasket and frame plate heat exchanger
5. Flexible connection diameter in/out, adaptable design
6. Low cost of using and maintenance

Welded Heat Exchanger

Welded Heat Exchanger

Heat Transfer Plate:
Heat transfer plate is pressed by imported metal plate with thickness from 0.8mm to 1mm. Corrugated shape is similar to the gasket and frame plate heat exchanger. But there is no hole and non-heating transfer area on plate, so almost all of plate can be used for heat transfer to improve the efficiency of plate. Meanwhile, the different layout of nozzle substantially eliminate water distribution between plate and “dead zone” phenomenon.

Technical Parameters of Fully Welded Heat Exchanger:

  Minimum Maximum
Heat Transfer Area (m2) 3 500
Design Temperature (℃) -50 250
Design Pressure (bar) Vacuum 30
Plate Material Stainless Steel: AISI304, AISI316L, 254SMO, 904L,317L

Application Field:
Petrochemical, refining, natural gas, purification, chemical products, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, special chemical products, HVAC, district hearing, food industry, waste heat recovery etc.

ZZ Group is a fully welded plate heat exchanger manufacturer, designer, distributor and servicer in China. The plate heat exchanger are widely used in the HVAC, cooling, power, metallurgy, chemical, food, electronics, marine, and environmental industries. Our products have been exported to Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, India, Iran, Jordan, Venezuela, Macedonia, Singapore and Vietnam. If you need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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