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Accessen also can define right one from heat exchanger family according to design pressure and temperature in application
Target and Select Products from Accessen

Heat Exchanger
    1. Gasketed Heat Exchanger
    2. Gasketed Heat Exchanger
      1. AU, AC, AS, AP Series
      2. Connection Size: DN32-DN500
      3. Max Flow Rare: 4500m3/h
      4. Max Load: 60MW
      5. Temperature Approach: Under 1 ℃ (Heat Recovery) ...
    1. Welded Heat Exchanger
    2. Welded Heat Exchanger
      This machine is a new-concept type of heat exchanger. It looks like gasket and frame plate heat exchanger to be with advantages of general plate (efficient heat transfer and compact construction) and shell & tube heat exchanger (suitable for high temperature and pressure). Widely used petrochemical, refining, natural gas, purification, chemical products, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, special chemical products, HVAC, district hearing, food industry, waste heat recovery etc. ...
    1. Brazed Heat Exchanger
    2. Brazed Heat Exchanger
      The brazed plate heat exchangers is a collection of plates, vacuum brazed together with no gaskets, reducing leakage. They are compact, lightweight and have a high turbulent flow, which also reduces deposit build-up and maintenance. They are available in Plate configurations and Chevron Patterns to suit your needs. The brazed heat exchanger is ideal for hydronic systems like swimming pools, spas, radiant floor heating, domestic hot water and snow and ice melting. ...
    1. Spiral Heat Exchanger
    2. Spiral Heat Exchanger
      The spiral heat exchangers are compact and ideal for many HVAC and industrial applications.
      The hot fluid enters at the center of the unit and flows from the inside outward. The cold fluids enter at the periphery and flows towards the center. Thus, true counter current is achieved.
      Typical counter-current flow for both liquids. Typical chamber on top of heat transfer bundle and gravity flow as it condenses or cools. ...
    1. Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger
    2. Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger
      The plate and shell heat exchanger adopts advantage of plate heat exchanger, meanwhile making up for shortcoming of shell and tube heat exchanger. The oval transfer plate combine with shell distribute the stress evenly to be more suitable for operation under changing temperature. At the same time, to provide compact size, high efficiency, high temperature resistance and so on.
      High Heat Transfer Efficiency ...
    1. Plate Evaporator and Plate Condenser
    2. Plate Evaporator and Plate Condenser
      Accessen plate evaporator is designed based on shell and tube evaporator and adopted from the advantages of plate heat exchanger.
      Accessen plate evaporator is designed for evaporation, there are two small inleter and one big outlet, one big inlet for vapor heating and one small outlet for vapor and condensed water.
      Our plate evaporator adopts the concept of plate cluster and every plate cluster composed of ...
    1. Plate Heat Exchanger Unit
    2. Sub-station System for District Heating and Cooling
      Accessen's ABJ Series plate heat exchanger system has good environment protection performance. The operation noise is lower than 70dB, with compact structure, good exterior and reliable performance. The capacity of unit is from 350 kW to 1500kW, capable for supplying heating for above 400,000 square meters, and five class control methods which could be optional to end user.
      The whole system is designed into five sub-systems, water supplement system, pressure setting system ...
Accessen International LLC is a heat exchanger manufacturer, distributor, designer, and servicer in China. They are widely used in the HVAC, cooling, power, metallurgy, chemical, food, electronics, marine, and environmental industries. Our products have been exported to Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, India, Iran, Jordan, Venezuela, Macedonia, Singapore and Vietnam. If you need, please don't hesitate to contact us.