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Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

Application: Sea water desalination/Sulphate cooling system
Product: Plate Heat Exchanger
Model: AS60, AC180, Material: Ti
Quantity: 12 Sets
Steel plant project of Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd is one of key projects in National 11th Five-Year Plan Outline. The steel plant lies in south gulf of Bo Hai, apart from Beijing 220km and Tangshan 80km. The neighboring 7 Provinces such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei could provide a wide developing space for the enterprise.

Henan Jiyuan Steel Group

Products: PHE, Model: AC180, Quantity: 3br /> Henan Jiyuan Steel Group is a main large scale industry in china and is one of 500 best enterprises. There are more than 5500 staff and 2000 professionals. The total asset is up to 6 billion and annual value of product is over 50billion. Its main products are round steel, deformed steel, high speed wire, coil pipe and so on.

Jinan Steel Co., Ltd

Application: Oil Cooling System
Model: AP110, AC15
Quantity: 9 Sets
Jinan Steel Co., Ltd was established on December 2002 mainly by Jinan steel group combined with Laihu steel Co., Ltd, Shandong golden group, Shandong Jinling Iron Ore and Shandong Refractory Co., Ltd. It has 38 thousand staff and 16.7 billion RMB total assets. And it is the biggest thick steel plate manufacture and exporter in China.

Xinjiang Jinte Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

Product: Plate Heat Exchanger Unit
Model: ABJ Series
Quantity: 2 Sets
Xinjiang Jinte Iron & Steel Co., Ltd was established by Xinjiang Jinte Hegang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd and Xinxing Pipes Group in 2007. It lies in Library of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and has an area of 154 square meters. The annual steel production capacity of it will be 1 million tons.

Wuhan Steel Group

ZZGroup Plate Heat Exchanger
Model: AS30
Quantity 14pcs
Wu Steel Group is the most big steel company constructed after the Foundation of People's Republic of China. The construction begun in the year 1955 and finished on 13th Sep. 1958. It located in east suburb and covered 21.17 square kilo meter. It has produced 1940 million ton steel and turned in 101400 million RMB tax in total till the end of the year 2007.

Laigang Steel Group Co., Ltd

ZZGroup Plate Heat Exchanger
Model: AU98
Quantity: 6sets
Laigang Steel Co., Ltd is founded on August 1997. The fund collection is leaded by Laifu Steel Chief Plant. Laifu Steel Chief Plant is one of the 512 key national enterprises. Laigang Steel Co., Ltd has very solid strength and advanced technology. Till the end of Dec. 1998, it has 3460 million RMB total assets, 1910 million RMB net assets. The annual steel production capability is two million tons more.

Steel Industry

NO. Project Model Qty Date
1 Henan Jiyuan Steel Group Co. Ltd AC180 4 2006.05
2 Jinan Steel Co., Ltd AP110/AC150 9 2007.04
3 Capital Jingtang Steel Co., Ltd AC50/AS60/AC180 6 2007.05
4 Xinjiang Jinte Steel Co., Ltd ABJ 2 2007.09
5 Wuhan Steel Co., Ltd AS30 4 2007.09
6 Laigang Steel Co., Ltd AU98 6 2007.10
1 Emei Semi-conduct Polycrystalline Silicon AS30\AV10 9 2007.08
2 Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd AS30\AV10\AV25\AC45 9 2007.09
3 Sichuan Leshan Yongxiang Polycrystalline Silicon AV58\AV98\A15 4 2007.09
4 Asia Silicon AC45\AC70\AS30\AS40\AV10 6 2008.01
5 Tangshan Sanfu Silicon AV35\AV15 3 2008.03






Xinjiang Tbea Electrician Co., Ltd

Luoyang Polycrystalline Silicon

Jiangxi Jingdezhen Semi-conduct Material Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Zhongsheng Semi-conduct Polycrystalline Silicon Co., Ltd

Henan Qilin New Material Co., Ltd
















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