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China Resources Tangshan Caofeidian Power Plant

Application: 2×300 MW Unit Closed Circulation Device
Product: Plate Heat Exchanger
Model: AS60/Ti
Quantity: 2 Sets
China Resources Tangshan Caofeidian Power Plant was located in xingang industry district, Caofeidian, Tangshan city in Hebei province. It is apart from Tangshan City for 70km, Tianjin city for 140km and Beijing for 230km. The planning capacity of this plant is 4600MW. The project is invested by China Resources (Tangshan Caofeidian) Company Limited and Tangshan Construction Investment Corporation.

Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant

Application: Heating System
Product: Plate Heat Exchanger Unit
Model: ABJ Series
Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant was classified as the third generation nuclear power independence supporting project. It introduces the most advanced power technology and will built 2 water-reactor nuclear power units at first phase.
The planning capacity of the plant is 6 million KW nuclear power units which has extension space. The project will be implemented in three phases. The first phase will start generating in 2010.
Once the power plant accomplished, it will be the biggest Nuclear power plant. At the mean time, it will improve power supply and promote economic development of Shandong Province.

Datang Jingtang Port Power Plant 2×300 MW Unit

Product: Plate Heat Exchanger
Model: ABJ/ST015
Quantity: 1 Set
Datang Jingtang Port Power Plant was located in Tangshan Seaport Development Zone, which has 3.23 billion RMB GDP and 0.68 billion RMB fiscal revenue in 2006. The development zone also has the most fast growth speed in all the development zones of Tangshan City. For expending of port scale and constantly improving of infrastructure, it already has a good investment environment and competitive platform.

Datang Wiehe Power Plant 2×300 MW Unit

Application: Closed Circulation Device
Product: Plate Heat Exchanger Unit
Model: AC70
Quantity: 2 Sets
China Datang Group, one of Five Power Generation Group, was organized based on several old enterprises and in Dec, 29th 2002 with 12 billion registered capitals. It is a central direct management exclusively state-owned enterprise, a State Council approved national authorization investment organization, and a Country Holding company's experiment site. By the end of 2007, its total assets have come up to 298.5 billion.

Datang Baqiao Power Plant 2×600 MW Unit

Application: Closed Circulation Device
Product: Plate Heat Exchanger
Model: AS60
Quantity: 2 Sets
Datang Baqiao Power Plant was located between Ba river and Chan river in Eastern Suburb of Xi'an City, Shangxi Province. It was founded in 1951 and was classified as one of 156 key projects during the period of first-five plan. As the first modern firepower plant in northwest China after the new China was built, Datang Baqiao Power Plant becomes the biggest thermal production base and a strong supporting point of east area of Xi'an city. It has 5 generation units and 7 stoves, and 249,000kw installation capacity.

China Aluminum Co., Ltd

Application: Refrigerating System
Product: Plate Heat Exchanger Unit
Model: WG095
Quantity: 2 Sets
China Aluminum Co., Ltd Henan branch, the biggest aluminum production base of Asia, with the best economic efficiency in nonferrous metal smelting industry. It is the best enterprise of top 500 Aluminum industry enterprises in China.

Power Industry

NO. Project Product Model Qty Date
1 Wanhe Power Generation Co.,  Ltd  (2*300MW Project) PHEU Q030 4 2003.12
2 Datang Sanmenxia Power Generation Co., Ltd  (2*600MW ) PHE JO92 4 2004.04
3 Zhengzhou Kening (Linzhou Power Station) PHEU AWG-035 2 2004.08
4 Henan Zhongyuan Gas Generation Co.,Ltd (2*210MW Project) PHE M30-FGL 4 2005.08
5 Datang Luoyang Thermal Power Co.,Ltd (2*300MW Project) PHE M15-BFM 3 2005.1
6 Shandong Zhonghua Power Company Heze Power Plant PHE M6-FML 8 2006.04
7 Nanyang Thermal Power Plant PHE AU45 2 2006.11
8 BaiYin Huajinshan Coal Mine Mouth Power Station (2*600MW ) PHE AC70 4 2006.12
9 Datong Coal Mine Group Tashan Coal Mine Mouth Power Plant PHE AU98 2 2006.12
10 Nanyang Thermal Power Co.,Ltd PHE AU45 2 2007.02
11 China Huadian Engineering Co.,Ltd PHE AU35/Ti 2 2007.03
12 China Huadian Engineering Co.,Ltd AU35/Ti 2 2007.04
13 Hubei Ezhou Power Plant  (2*600MW Project) CR160 4 2007.05
14 Shandong Weiqiao Aluminium Electricity Plnat ABJ-WG230 4 2007.07
15 Ma'anshan Dangtu Power Co.,Ltd (2*660MW Project) AC280 4 2007.08
16 Datang Baqiao Thermal Power Plant (2*300 MW Project) AC180 4 2007.08
17 Datang Xinyang Power Generation Plant (2*600MW Project) AC70 4 2007.08
18 China Resources (Tangshan Caofeidian) Company Limited AS60/TI 2 2007.09
19 Baotou East Hope Rare Earth Aluminum Co., Ltd Self-provided Power Plant AN30L 4 2007.1
20 Datang Weihe Power Generation Co.,Ltd (2*600MW Project) AC55 4 2008.01
21 CP.Bahari 2*30MW Project Lampung Province,Indonesia AN40L2/Ti 2 2008.03
22 Indonesia PLTU BANTEN SURALAYA UNIT 8 Project AU45 2 2008.03
23 Nanpiao Coal and Electricity Co. Ltd. of Liaoning Province (2*150MW Project) AN25L2 4 2008.01
24 Shenyang Dandong Jinshan Thermal Power Plant (2*300MW ) AN25L1 4 2008.03
25 Shenyang Jinshan Energy Co.,Ltd (2*200MW Project) AN25L 4 2008.03
26 Xinjiang Hami Power Generation Co.,Ltd of China Huadian Group AU15M 3 2008.03
27 Liaoning Diaobingshan Coal Gangue Power Plant(2*300MW) AN40L2 4 2008.5
28 Inner Mongolia Suancigou Coal Gangue Power Plant AN40L3 4 2008.5
29 Baicheng Power Plant of China Power Investment Corporation
(2*600MW Project)
ABJ-SH500 1 2008.07
30 BaiYin Huajinshan Coal Mine Mouth Power Station (2*600MW) ABJ-WA070 2 2008.07
31 Huaneng Changchun Thermal Power Plant (2*350MW Project) AN40L2 4 2008.07

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