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Hua Dong Hospital (HDH)

Application: Air Conditioning System, Living Water Heating System
Product: Plate Heat Exchanger Unit
Model: ABJ Series
Quantity: 6 Sets
Hua Dong Hospital (HDH), formerly the Country Hospital, was founded in 1951.It is a 700-bed general hospital that enjoys excellent reputation both at home and abroad. The hospital is centrally located in the Jing An district of Shanghai. It has a professional staff of 130.In addition, many distinguished doctors from other well-known hospitals are engaged as consultants. Since its founding, Hua Dong Hospital has provided high-quality medical services to government officials, members of the foreign business and diplomatic communities, tourists from all over the world, overseas Chinese and the general public.

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Application: Air Condition System
Model: ABJ Series
Quantity: 2 Sets
Northwest Polytechnical University located in Xi'an City and it is the only University specialized in science and technology of Aeronautics, Astronautics, Navigation engineering education and research. And it is one the “211” Key University of China. It has cultivated large scale high level Specialist, Doctors, Masters and Bachelors for the national development.

Zhengzhou University Town

Application: Air Condition System
Model: AWA Series
Quantity: 4 Sets
There are 4 University Town in Zhengdong new district, Zhengzhou City. All of them will occupy more than 20000 stubble field. It will become one of the high level education center of Henan province, cultivate lots of high level talented people needed for the all side development of Henan province.


NO. Customer Product Model Qty Date
1 Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine PHEU AST-025 5 2003.08
PHEU ASA-030 1 2004.05
2 Harbin contagious disease hospital PHEU AWH-030 1 2004.07
3 Heilongjiang Disease Control and Prevention Center PHEU AWH-030 1 2004.08
4 Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital PHEU ASA-060 3 2004.12
5 Shanghai Huashan Hospital PHEU MX25-MFMS 1 2005.11
6 Wenling Women And Children Health Care Hospital PHEU ABJ-SA035 1 2005.12
7 The Fifth Wuxi People's Hospital PHEU ABJ-SA015 1 2006.01
No.401 Hospital of PLA Jinan Military Area PHEU ABJ-WA020 1 2006.06
9 People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uyger Autonomous Region PHEU ABJ-WA020 9 2006.09
10 Shanghai Nanhui Hospital PHEU ABJ-SH005 2 2007.06
11 Shanghai Huadong Hospital PHEU ABJ 6 2007.08
12 Tumor Hospital of Baotou City  PHE AU35 2 2006.09


NO. Customer Product Model Qty Date
1 Henan University PHEU AWH-065 1 2003.11
2 the Library of Zhengzhou University PHEU AWA-040 2 2004.05
3 the Library of Zhengzhou University PHEU AWA-020 2 2004.05
4 Zhengzhou Engineering University PHEU ASH-005 1 2004.05
5 Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology PHEU ASH-040 1 2004.10
6 Fudan University PHEU ASA-025 1 2004.10
7 No.1 Middle School of Jiyuan Henan PHEU ASH-010 1 2004.12
8 No10.Middle School of Linfen Shanxi PHEU AST-010 1 2005.05
9 Yantai Institute of Technology PHEU AST-035 1 2005.09
10 Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology PHE M15-MFML 2 2005.10
11 Changshu Institute of Technology PHE AC70 2 2006.07
12 Harbin Engineering University PHE AU45 2 2006.08
PHE AC70 4 2006.08
13 Harbin Institute of Technology PHEU ABJ-WH010 1 2006.08

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